Sleepless nights and early mornings

Let me start by saying, Stargate Universe got a lot better later into season 2.
The Conan movie, way better than I thought it would be.  Lots of gore.
Parker Lewis seasons one and two, actually better than I remembered.
Soon to be arriving, Supernatural season 6 and "The Tempest".  Looking forward to reviewing those.
Almost finished with Ghost Story, the new Dresden Files novel, so far so good.
The Magician King by lev grossman, the sequal to The Magicians, very entertaining book.
I have rediscovered my love for the Barenaked Ladies.  Boss
That's all I have for other forms of media.

Onto what counts.

So I restarted the editing process.  Already, I like the movie better than before, although the hours upon hours of watching clips of myself acting is tough to get through.

I have been in contact with a band called "Echofuzz" about using their music for the movie.  Thus far, they have been great to work with, sending copies of their music.  I will hopefully soon, have a trailer up (no promises).

So far, the editing has been taking me late into the night, most every night this past week.  It's nothing i'm not accustomed to, just, more draining on the mind.

Ill keep checking in with updates as things keep coming.

Hopeless Romantics... here we go again.

So it has been about six months TOO LONG since I have posted anything.  Sorry for that.

After a LONG summer, several personal set backs, both emotionally and physically, it's time for the schools to return to session, and with that, I must return to work.  Worry not, my intrepid readers, as I actually ENJOY going back to work.  It gives me a set schedule to judge the rest of my life against and help me balance things in proportion to their actual weight in life.

So, lets update the summer...

It started with the passing of my beloved grandmother, Mrs. Madonna J. Gallivan.  While she had been in failing health, the last few months especially, I cannot stress how much of a setback this was to me.  She is one of the 5 people who raised me.  I know that sounds odd, as most people are only lucky enough to have their parents, and some only have one parent at that, but hear me out.  From the time I was old enough to remember, some 27 of my 31 years on this rock, I had seen my grandmother almost every day.  From growing up in her house in the early years, to living two blocks away in my teen years, living with her to help take care of my ailing grandfather during the "college years" (that term is subjective as I've now been in college since the summer of '98) barely a day went by that I didn't see or talk to my grandmother.  And then, one morning, she was gone.

I won't go into the heartbreak and emotions behind everything as any of you can understand what it would feel like.

Less than a week later, I lost one of my dearest and oldest friends.  While she didn't die, family emergencies on both ends caused some friction between us, and we parted ways.  While we have, over the last decade, had several such situations arise, this one simply feels final.  In the span of a week, I lost two of my best friends.

To clear my mind, I rejoined the world of academia.  Not much can really be said other than, I watched a lot of film, wrote a lot of papers, passed with flying colors, and my, just may have finally found a mentor like figure.

Physical setbacks include a lot of failing health in a short period of time.  I look to the stand by excuses of "grief" and "gluttony" for this one.  Through grief, i have been chain smoking a lot lately, and it's starting to take it's toll on my breathing, specifically when sleeping or working out.  With Gluttony, i have been eating alot lately, taking its toll on my waistline and my desire to work out.  Long of the short, i gained back almost all the weight I lost for the movie, and put on a few more pounds to boot. If  youre keeping track at home, thats an almost 45lb swing in 3 months.

Which brings us to the movie.

I sat down and looked at the edits I had made thus far and come to the conclusion that I didn't really know what I was looking for when i started.  I now have, at least in my mind's eye, a feel for things.  That being said, reworking what i had done is just as time consuming as if I had simply restarted from scratch.  While it's a HUGE setback, I'd rather do it and take the time, than slap together a piece of horse shit.

that's all I've got for now, check back in as I try to come up with more writings on a somewhat more regular basis.


Mind grows Cold

Been in a very morbid mood lately.  Not from the sense of writing "dark" material, but just cracking very blunt jokes about taboo subjects, and very matter of fact-ly.  Hopefully it will pass as I draw closer to becoming "unstuck" as the man from T.V. says.

I will be on the site of the Party scenes later today (Sunday) to take some pictures and figure out what angles/ set dressings I will be needing to add.  Very nervous about these scenes, and I am also worried about time on set.  We have a lot to get through, and I've asked a lot of my cast and crew thus far... hopefully this is not where I take them to the breaking point.

On an aside, I've finally found my style and while some may find it drastically different from previous filming scenes, I believe things will work out for the best.  They always seem to in the end...


I recieved a phone call from my mother, late Sunday night.  While not unusual, it was later than she has ever called me in recient memory.  I heard the tremor in her voice, and knew something was wrong.  She informed me that a co-worker of ours, and one of my mother's closest friends, had passed away.   Mrs. Trudy Kulefsky lost her battle with Cancer.

Thank you Trudy, for everthing.  You will be missed.

Scene 29

Today we had Eric and Brayton on set for the Final "Seth and Tony" scene (I'm smelling spin off movie), and once again, the two did not disappoint.

Had a great day filming, lots of good shots done today.  I already know I will have my work cut out editing this scene together, but it will be a good time.  Almost had to kick myself off set for my inability to keep from laughing.

Tomorrow, up early and on set at LHS for the girl's "track" scene.  Cannot wait.

sleep now.

Just another Saturday

So there we were, filming in my apartment, sans pantelones... no pants.

I can honestly say, saturday is the most uncomfortable I have ever felt in my own apartment.  Being a somewhat modest bloke, sitting in a pair of boxers and a way too small undershirt for the better part of 4 hours was uncomfortable enough, then add people literally right next to me on the couch, AND filming it... yeah....

Side note,  Filming went well.  I am pleased with the reshoots.  I've had a chance to watch the dailys twice now, and I like it, even if I do look swollen and out of place.

Gearing up for saturday when I film with Brayton and Eric again. 

Other projects in the works.... Ceasar is looking more and more like something I HAVE to do, as opposed to WANT to do, but I need more experience first.  Having said that, I'm in talks with a few people to do some short film work once we wrap.

Still looking for a title on the short story I'm writing. 

Also, got the idea this weekend, for another RomCom...  Thinking of taking the book of Revelations and turning it into a story about dating... who knows.

More to come later in the week.

Fountain Pens: The fountains of creative thought

So after about a MONTH of writer's block, I have done something I should have done a while ago... I filled the fountain pen (thanks again, Josh) and put pen to paper.

I have finished the rewrites of scenes 13 and 14, and am about halfway done with scene 2 currently. (Hand cramped up and needed a break).

Filming schedule is being finalized, but the the Location for the Party has been secured over MANY nights, so there will be no rush to film it all in a limited span of time.

Hopefully the cast can make it.

Also doing some changes to the "Track" scenes.  No change in script, but pondering changes in locations... more thoughts on that later.

As for now, back to work....

(no subject)

"We're of the hollow men
We are the naked ones
We never meant you harm
Never meant you wrong"

~Bush, The Chemicals Between Us

Not a very good update today, but... its all I got.  I really need to get back on track.... stupid bi-polar bear costume...

Bright insperation in the oddest of places

I've been sitting a lot lately.  Mostly in front of a computer, either at work or at home.  I type and type and type, but... nothing.  Don't get me wrong, words fly like mosquitoes at dusk, but nothing concrete.  Nothing that seems worth it.  I haven't been able to think in sentences lately, just, random ideas that start, and then just drift into nothing.

Anyway,  things have been working out in a positive way, at least on the movie front.  Made arrangements for a location for the Party scene.  It is an open invite to use a friend's house.  She is aware of our needs, of the mass of people, the long hours, the possible need for extra days of filming, and is 100% behind the project.  Now to set some dates....

Had a very LONG weekend.  It pretty much started on Wednesday of last week, and ended somewhere close to an hour ago.  I haven't been in a good mood, but I just keep smiling and nodding, putting on a show for people, because even if I wanted to talk about it, I couldn't put it into sentences anyway.  My ability to communicate has been snatched from me, like just another possession taken after a break up.  I have, however, found solace in my ipod.  Bush, Cold Contagious to be specific.

"Wherever you are, you will carry always, the Truth of  the scars, and the darkness of your faith."

Not exactly what anyone would call a "happy" song, or even feel good lyrics, but, I found myself smiling, a real smile, when I heard it.... I've either finally cracked, or I've finally understood my first real truth... Either way, time for sleep.

emails to flood in boxes tomorrow.  Replies to send, so people don't think I'm ignoring them. 

It's been a while

Lost lately, both in my head, in the world, and with other people.  One of my best friend's had his apendix explode on him.  He survived but will be stuck in the hospital until friday or so.  I of course, didn't find out until sunday, as I was in South Bend, watching Purdue lose on saturday.  Such is life.

I have been trying to rewrite three scenes for the better part of the last two weeks.  I have ideas, i know what needs to be said.  i know what everyone's motivation is, but for some reason when I type... it all comes out as a high fantasy epic, in prose...  I'm all for rewrites when needed, but that is NOT what im looking for.

Lately I feel like I have just been wandering around in the dark.  Okay, not so much the dark, but definatally without my glasses on.  The world, or the inside of my head, just seems cloudy lately, and not in the about to drop wonderful storms, kind of cloudy. 

I need to snap out of things quickly, that is for sure.

Now to get ahold of the cast and get the last 4 days of filming scheduled.  Hopefully, this wont be too much like pulling teeth.  I need 2 days where 12 schedules all line up... here's to hoping...